Monday, July 20, 2009

Would You Schedule Your Kid's Birth Around Your Favorite Team's Game?

Per the Ross Fisher post below:

I will admit to being slightly relieved that the birth of my 2nd kid last October went a few days late; we cleared the projected due date: Right in the middle of the Florida-LSU game.

As ridiculous as that sounds, when we first found out my wife was pregnant and we got the due date, we both heard "October 11" and -- well, I'm not going to say the FIRST reaction... but a fast-following reaction was, "Ooh: Let's check the Florida football schedule."

We then saw it was the day of the Florida-LSU game. OK, so on the plus side, there's a chance that she might have been in labor during the game: What could be a better way to take your mind off things?

On the other hand, what if she gave birth DURING the game? Shamelessly, I'd suggest that's why you have a DVR.

What can I say: It was our second go-round, so I think we were a lot more relaxed about things, so we could entertain notions that are ludicrous on their face -- like whether the birth of your child "conflicts" with a huge football game involving your favorite team.

Anyone else have a situation like this?

-- Dan


Tricia said...

Not quite the same, but my parents had to schedule my older sister's baptism around the Bears home schedule. And this was 1968!!!
My grandfather had season tickets and, let's just say NOTHING got in the way.
Hate to say it, but he was the original varsity dad...indoctrinating his twin daughters (born in 1943 while he was in the Pacific) with a love and a fandom of which his grandchildren are the ultimate beneficiaries.
Passing it on is my goal, and my frustration, as my 4-year old currently list "NASCAR" as his favorite sport. I know they are truly athletes, but it grates a little...

garettd said...

I joked with my buddy that he timed his second kid to coincide well with golf season. The baby was born in October which meant that by the time golf season rolled around is Spring, his new son wouldn't be such a newborn and it'd be easier to sneak out for some golf.

Timing of the birth date might be a big deal if you're trying to raise a hockey player. You need that early in the year birth.

Simon said...

My wife and I will always schedule major life events around Gator sports events. We worked to get our due date into January to avoid missing any of the UF home games. Our one mistake was planning our wedding for late March without thinking that the '06 Gators would be making their run at our first basketball National Championship. Luckily the resort that we were staying at in Antigua had satellite TV so we could watch Joakim and the boys bring one home for the good guys. Our due date is December 28th, so we are hoping that the Gators make it to Pasadena so that we can get the baby home and settled well before the game!