Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to Spend an Anniversary: West 4th St.

Eight years ago, I went on my first date with my future wife -- it started with a long walk through NYC's West Village, including a stop by the West 4th Street basketball courts (the famous "Cage" -- HER IDEA!). I think her willingness to stop there with me to hang out and watch hoops was one of the reasons I instantly fell for her.

Tonight, we celebrated the 8-year anniversary (Tuesday, really, but this was the closest weekend night) by recreating some of that walk (including dinner at the place where we ate) AND we included a drop-by at West 4th's Cage -- this time, though, we had our two kids.

It was Jonah's first trip ever. I held him at the chain-link fence, but I'm quite sure not much registered. It was Gabe's second or third trip ever -- the first this summer, and his ability to understand what was going on was vastly more complex than a year ago.

Yes, he was more interested in the colorful display of souvenir T-shirts available hanging on the Cage fence than he was in the sloppy, up-and-down basketball on the court (the game we were watching ended something like 112-103). But the spark of enthusiasm is there.

Fun way to spend an anniversary. I wouldn't recommend bringing your kids along for your WEDDING anniversary, but for a First Date anniversary, it worked out OK.

-- Dan

(Oh, I know that I'm not raising my kid to be a pro athlete -- or even a college athlete -- but is it too much to ask that he gets at least one hoops run at West 4th St. in his lifetime?)

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