Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Great Baby-Name Debate, Continued

When discussing baby names, there are two particularly important rules as they relate to sports:

(1) You should not name your kid after your favorite team/player/etc. (Any relationship -- say, the anagram of "Jonah" being "J. Noah" -- should be complete coincidence.)

(2) There are a lot of names that can be -- and should be -- immediately discounted because they evoke a strong negative reaction from the fan in you.

For example, for a lot of reasons, I was not going to name either of my boys "Peyton." But among them is this: LIKE I WOULD NAME MY KID AFTER PEYTON MANNING?!?!

Here's a great take on that from the blog Legend of Cecilio Guante from a guy without kids, but heading into that stage -- take it from me: it is MUCH more of an issue than you can even imagine.

Which is kind of awesome, but simultaneously kind of ridiculous. (But not THAT ridiculous.)

-- Dan

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