Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Best (Sports) Books For Kids?

Nick Kristof had a fun weekend op-ed listing his favorite children's books. (It generated something like 2,300 comments - unsurprisingly. Kristof is going to think there's a better business in becoming a parent blogger than blogging about international-rights issues.)

While not about sports -- and this is a blog connecting sports to parenting -- it lends itself to a great conversation-starter: What are the best children's books ever about sports?

My kids are still too small for traditional kids' books -- with chapters, well-developed narratives, etc. The closest I can come to that is Tedd Arnold's "Hooray For Fly Guy," which has chapters (3), a narrative (small) and is about youth football (mostly).

So for those of you with older kids, do you have any great sports books to recommend? (Novels, in particular -- I remember being in elementary school and inhaling Matt Christopher books. (I haven't thought about that author in years...wow, look at him now.)

Anyway, would love to get your recommendations in the Comments -- and it's great for my own Top 10 list in a future post.

-- Dan

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