Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Best MLB Ballparks for Taking Your Kids

What are the best MLB ballparks for taking your kids? (Let's qualify that by IDing whether your kid is 3, like mine, or older -- like 8 or 9 -- or older still, like 13. I would assume that beyond 7 or 8, you can take any kid to any MLB park.)

Sporting News just released a ranking of all MLB parks -- unsurprisingly, Fenway came in 1st. Surprisingly, Pittsburgh's PNC Park came in 2nd. Wrigley was 3rd.

What I really want to know is: What MLB ballpark is the most kid-friendly? Gentlest parking (or public transportation)? Best food? Easiest restroom lines? Affordable seats and/or concessions and/or merchandise? Most exciting mid-inning entertainment, to keep the kid occupied?

I am going to return to this question as nominations roll in, across any of those categories. Doesn't have to be one end-all-be-all ballpark to take the kids to. Presumably, every park has its kid-friendly (and kid-unfriendly) components.

Everyone plays this game: How many MLB parks have you personally been to? I am pretty low, at least of current parks: Camden Yards, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Miller Park (Milwaukee), ATT Park (SF). But I have been to Camden (within a drive of where I grew up) and Wrigley (used to live in Wrigleyville) a ton of times.

(And I am hurt by the recent closing of Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium -- went to both often, but haven't been to either of the new parks yet. Throw old Comiskey Park, RFK Stadium in DC, the Seattle Kingdome and old Memorial Stadium in there, too. Still: All in all, pretty flimsy list.)

-- Dan

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