Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lessons on Baby-Naming, Cont'd

Continuing yesterday's discussion of whether a tribute to Tim Tebow is appropriate for my pending baby's new name...

Here's another tip for naming your baby, inspired after one commenter suggested "Levi" -- not sure if he was serious or kidding. Here's the tip:

If a potential name is nominated and the first person you can think of who shares that name is a douchebag (ie, Levi Johnston), do NOT give your baby that name.

(Now, in 20 years, we may have forgotten all about the d'bag Levi. But for these next few months -- which is the only real time people care about a kid's name, just after they're born -- it's a millstone.)

This is especially true if, as a sports fan, you know a lot of athlete names. You will probably hear a name suggestion, think of a d'bag athlete and go: Oh, HELL NO.

(But there are probably several athletes who share the same name, at least one of whom you will like -- or feel neutral about, at the very least.)

-- D.S.

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