Friday, September 12, 2008

BallPark Baby Crib Bedding

My only question: Is the stadium accurately detailed? Because that would be amazing. (What? They only have Arkansas so far? Well, it *is* SEC, I guess...)

OK: This isn't nearly as bad as Team Baby. (Sheets will get poop or drool on them, but they won't rot your infant's brain when you force them on them.) But unless your entire room is created in a motif of "Razorback," you may muck things up a bit. Fun as a novelty gift, though, for sure.

Sorry for the lack of posts. (I mean, for god's sake, I took the kid to The Swamp two weeks ago and haven't even posted about it yet!)

I'm re-committing myself to one Varsity Dad post per day. Which should go over great, given that No. 2 is due in a month. (Bad news: Due-date is Florida-LSU game; good news: Tebow available for bris?)

(h/t: ModernDayDad from Babble's Droolicious)

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