Friday, May 02, 2008

How to Pick a Kentucky Derby Winner

Last night before his bedtime, I'm reading Gabe the book "Smash-Crash!" which was pleasantly quirky and non-sensical... right up until the 50th reading, at which point -- like many of you -- I have learned to tolerate his love for it.

Gabe is going through a huge "trucks" stage, for what feels like the last year (with no end in sight): Garbage trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, flat-bed trucks, milk trucks, green trucks, blue trucks, even buses... it doesn't matter. Can't get enough of them.

And so when I was evaluating the Kentucky Derby field this year (the race is tomorrow/Saturday), one name stood out from the others as my pick:

"Big Truck"

What a no-brainer. Can't wait to watch the race with him tomorrow. And it is a luxury of my position as a sports columnist that I get to proclaim this pick to the world.

Any Derby names that resonate with you and your kids? (I presume if your kid's name is John or Jack, you'll be loving the horses with those names. If your kid's name is Pyro, congratulations on having a leading contender -- but you've got other issues.)

-- D.S.

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