Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ballpark Lessons, Part Nth: Dugout Seats for Infant?

If you have front-row seats behind the dugout on the 3rd base side, do not sit your infant on your lap facing left-handed batters. There was a guy at the Rockies game last night who did this, and it made me so uncomfortable -- it would have been a horrifying "told-you-so" moment.

Even though I am judgmental by nature, I at least try to be pretty live-and-let-live about parenting choices (particularly about sports):

I wouldn't bring my infant (the couple brought their toddler, too, not that she was any less safe in those seats), but I certainly wouldn't sit where they did.

Have you ever brought an infant (under 1 y.o.) to a sporting event? How about a toddler? What age is too young? What age is "old enough?"

-- D.S.

(PS: After the game, I was at a bar having dinner and wearily left at 11 p.m. Another couple with a toddler was still going strong at one of the bar's tables. Again: They might have their own sleep schedule for their kid, but I couldn't envision it working for me.)

(PPS: I am absolutely not averse to bringing infants or toddlers to bars. In fact, most of Gabe's first 3 months were spent bar-hopping in the afternoons, sometimes just the three of us and sometimes in these weird gatherings of Brooklyn moms... and me.)

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Benji said...

Our first child, Oliver, was born around Halloween last year. When he was five weeks old we took him to his first sporting event, his aunt's high school basketball game. He loved the sounds and following the action and had to be facing the court...but wasn't a big fan of the pep band and didn't sleep worth anything that night. (although at that time he wasn't a great sleeper anyway).

This spring when he was five months old we road tripped to Michigan for the DIII Women's Basketball Final Four. He was definitely overwhelmed when in the bigger, louder crowd (our team coached by a family member won the national title!) but was fine when watching from the concourse above the seating. We were also out late with the team celebrating, but he was fine and unaffected.

Baseball games worry me though as we want to take him to an I-Cubs game this summer, but I'm definitely apprehensive about foul balls. I can't imagine sitting behind the dugout with him. I'm not really comfortable sitting there with my wife, let alone a kid.