Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Kid Will Laugh At Your "Blog"

Jason Fry -- a classic Varsity Dad and proprietor of Faith and Fear in Flushing (the best Mets blog around) -- also doubles as an outstanding columnist for the Wall Street Journal during his days.

He has a must-read column about how the future of technology relates to parenting. It's not about sports, per se, but you can see the sports implications.

You will tell your kid stories about "Too Late For This Edition" sports scores in the newspaper or clicking "refresh" on your scoreboard page or even the way you do your Yahoo fantasy league draft, and your kid will laugh at you -- if he even understands what you're talking about.

Remember how your grandparents could remember life before TV, and you thought that was unfathomable? That will seem quaint by comparison to how your kids see your life with technology now.

-- D.S.

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