Monday, March 24, 2008

March Momness: Moms Out-Picks Sons in NCAA Brackets

So I just posted on the blog about how my wife is having a stellar run of predictions -- she is currently tied for 8th out of 695 participants in my Daily Quickie Readers tournament challenge group.

Gabe is not faring nearly as well, and it's partially my fault. Last year, Gabe finished in the Top 10 out of more than 1,000 participants in my DQR group. His mom made the picks in Gabe's name... he just got all the credit!

This year, we tried something new: In each first-round pairing, I asked Gabe which team he preferred -- knowing the school names would be less meaningful than their nicknames (many of which are familiar to him, like animal names), I used nicknames to ask him.

For the crazy options, like the 1-seeds, I picked for him. I wasn't about to let him pick the Mount St. Mary's "Mountaineers" over the "Tar Heels."

He is currently tanked out in the bottom 20th percentile -- and it's my fault. Even though Gabe didn't get a ton of first-round picks right, I was responsible for picking his bracket after Round One: And I did an atrocious job. I would have been better off going with the National Bracket. I would have been better off letting his mom make his picks, like she did a year ago.

Instead, I totally obliterated his bracket. I hope his mother will forgive me.

Meanwhile, speaking of moms, my own mother -- who usually gets some guidance from my picks and ends up regretting it -- went away from my picks this year. Now she is in 2nd place overall out of nearly 90 people in her pool.

It's obviously March Momness.

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