Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Autographs Go Wrong

"Red Sox Suck": That's how Yankees rookie Shelley Duncan signed a baseball to a 10-year-old Red Sox fan who asked him for an autograph this past weekend.

Now: Is the kid's parent outraged because Duncan used the word "suck" or because he trashed the Red Sox?

Doing that to a 10-year-old is kind of jerky, but the one bright side is that it's a hell of a conversation-starter as a piece of memorabilia the kid will have on display.

If nothing else, it's a badge of honor for a Red Sox fan to have been smack-talked by a Yankees player, and have the evidence to prove it.

-- D.S.


Jen said...

I'd be pretty pissed if someone signed my son's baseball like that. Most parents try to teach their children good sportsmanship and this does not reflect that in the least. The use of the word "suck" was distasteful too. Believe me, I am not a saint nor do I always refrain from "bad words", but an athlete writing it on a ball is classless.

It WILL be a good conversation piece later in life!

Ryan said...

As somebody who is a fan of neither team, I find it difficult to believe that the kid's parents have never said worse about the Yankees, hell, the kid probably has too. Mom and dad should be responsible for bringing the kid up as they chose, not Duncan.

Seriously though, the Red Sox do suck. As do the Yankees.

nobody said...

why are they pissed? it's hysterical & true in fact. my 7 year old son would be thrilled to have this baseball