Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What to Name a Varsity Kid?

Needless to say, I don't think Tiger and Elin used a baby-name consultant to come up with "Sam Alexis," but this Wall Street Journal article on baby-naming is a must-read.

Any of you name your kid (or would name a future kid) after something sports-related, like an athlete? Or perhaps you name your kid with athletic stardom in mind... a name that would sound really good over a stadium PA system or SportsCenter highlight. (Or simply win the Name of the Year bracket.)

For the record, Gabe Shanoff was not named for either Gabe Kapler or Gabe Kaplan or future NBA second-round draftee Gabe Pruitt. (And, furthermore, his name isn't "Gabriel" with "Gabe" as a nickname. It's just "Gabe.")

I would say that of all things related to the baby industry, names are my favorite thing.


Daddy-O said...

My wife is seven and a half months pregnant with our first child, a boy. He's a future Cubs fan. Beyond being born a Cubs fan, he's also being cursed with a monosyllabic last name which is pretty hard to work with for a first name. Right now, we're leaning toward Preston.

Brien said...

My wife and I just named our son Cole, after Cole Field House, the old University of Maryland basketball arena.

coach said...

Naming you kid is a huge responsibility. If a parent messes it up the kid will suffer forever, or at least through childhood which is way worse for teasing about names than adulthood.

My sister is having a baby, its last name will be Thomas and they were thinking about naming it Brady. Until I pointed out what the name was in reverse. The dad is a ND fan, so I guess that story fits because he'd ostensibly be named after Brady Quinn.

Eric said...

That's funny, coach. My future brother-in-law (I'm engaged) is an ND fan and wanted to name their son Brady, but his wife wouldn't let him name him after a football player that would graduate when the kid was one. So they compromised and named him Brayden. Imagine my surprise when I went to ND's graduation (my brother was graduating) and found out that Quinn's full name is Brayden. Ironic.

Juan said...

I went with the baseball name, Rey Jose. To me, the name just rolls right off the tongue and has stardom potential. I can already picture it over the PA, 'Now batting, Rey Jose ______' and the crowd goes wild.