Monday, June 04, 2007

LeBron: Varsity Dad 2X Coming in Game 5?

Word has it that LeBron's girlfriend is due to deliver their second child on the night of Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Good thing the game will be in Cleveland. Maybe they'll even induce a day or two early?

Look for the story to get bigger as the due date/Game 5 get closer. It's not necessarily an easy choice to decide between birth-of-child and NBA Finals: Does LeBron really want to be the Phil Stacey of the NBA?

(You may remember Phil from American Idol this season. He skipped the birth of his daughter in order to be at Idol auditions. Yes, he made the Top 12, but he couldn't have known that when he made the decision.)

Prediction: Either inducing or the other timing will work things out without incident. And if the timing seems to be a huge crisis, couldn't they just put the birth on the arena Jumbotron? (No?)

-- D.S.


Sean McGurr said...

LeBron has stated that his girlfriend understands that he can't miss a Finals game. Although as he said this, he noted "I was there for the birth of my first son." Not sure if being there for one absolves him of being there for a second.

L. Jalbert said...

If I follow my experience, LeBron can sleep soundly, he's gonna be there. I've never known a woman who gave birth on the day the doctors told her.

Even if the chances are slim against a team like The Spurs, LeBron second child might be born on the day his father win his first NBA title.