Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ducks Win Stanley Cup:
Gabe's Hot Streak Continues

As I mentioned before the Stanley Cup finals started, Gabe made it clear that's he's rooting for the Ducks -- if only because "duck" is one of the few words he can say and an object he totally recognizes and understands. (He has a half-dozen rubber ducks strewn around the apartment.)

Needless to say, this morning when he woke up, I told him that the Ducks won the Stanley Cup. He perked up and looked around for one of his toy ducks, of course. I went online to find him a toddler-sized Ducks championship T-shirt, and the team didn't offer one.

Come on, Ducks execs! I'm offering you the chance to earn the lifetime allegiance of a fan (a fan on the East Coast, no less) -- given the state of the NHL, isn't that enticing? Maybe one of them will read this and reach out. You don't need an MBA to know that the lifetime value of a 1-year-old customer is a lot more valuable than the LTV of, say, a fan in their 30s and 40s.

(Between the Ducks' Cup title and the Florida Gators titles in football and basketball, Gabe is on a hell of a rooting-interest hot streak in 2007. Would an MLB or NFL team like to court him? I think he's open to any and all offers.)

-- D.S.


Sean McGurr said...

Dan, Cleveland sports teams can use all the help they can get. Can you get him to start saying LeBron tonight? said...

Sorry to say, his NBA affiliation is already pointing in a different direction. See this post from last month.

Jibblescribbits said...

What about the Ducks Champions Puck? hell like that more than a piece of clothing anyways

thistlewarrior said...

Yeah, pucks actually make great teething rings! (No really they're really durable! :P )

Bengals could really use some good karma right now. Pretty please? I would ask for the Reds, but I think that they are beyond even Gabe's amazing powers of prognostication.

Mike said...

I was about to suggest the Cubs, cause my boys could use the help, but after taking a second glance at the picture of Gabe I decided I couldn't ask you to do that to that innocent little kid.

Jen said...

sean~ Dan shows no love for Cleveland fans, so even if Gabe said "LeBron", he'd never tell us and he'd make sure Gabe never repeated it!