Friday, June 01, 2007

And She Isn't Even Born Yet...

Eric from Nine Month Odyssey wrote a post, inspired by the V-Dad "official" launch, with a few core Varsity Dad values he is quite certain he wants to pass along to his unborn daughter.

Here's the link, with my favorite being the one about staying away from off-color team memorabilia, particularly pink hats that seemed to find prominence/mockery during the Red Sox postseason run in 2004.

First: Kudos for not inflicting pink on your kid just because she's a girl. If you've raised her to be a great fan, she'll want to wear the team's real colors.

Second: In lieu of the usual donation to breast-cancer research that the pink team merch purchase usually includes, I hope Eric will make a small but regular donation to the cause.

-- D.S.

P.S.: If you have a blog post you think is particularly relevant to Varsity Dad, absolutely send it along. More likely than not, I'll give it a nice big post of its own. And if you link to a post in Varsity Dad, let me know that, too, and I'll be happy to offer a hat/tip.

Meanwhile, you don't have to have a blog to contribute to Varsity Dad: Submit a comment (though it won't show up instantly, because I moderate them), email me a story or send along a link to something you've found in mainstream media or on a blog you think is V-Dad material.

(Oh, and does "V-Dad" work as shorthand? Because I sure as hell won't dub the site "V.D." Can you imagine the Google search results I'll end up on? Eh: Maybe I'll just take the extra half-second and type the entire phrase.)


Tom said...

Can I veto "V-Dad"? It's pretty awful. If you stick to that the next thing you'll be hearing is "V-Daddy" then "V-Diddy" then who knows what.

On the other hand, you've certainly got the opportunity to mix up some nomenclature. Say I get a link featured on the site, like on high school track team, I could say I "lettered."

Minor contributors, or dads=in-waiting could be "junior-varsity dads" (in which case I think "JV-Dad" makes a lot of sense).

Speaking of lettering, any plans to add the image of a letterman jacket to the site? What are your blogs colors?

Keep up the good work,


Mark said...

I agree with Tom. V-dad is just But oddly enough, JV-dad sounds great. Go figure. Sorry to strain your fingers, but longhand Varsity Dad sounds like the way to go.

Jibblescribbits said...

If you want to check out some real quality Varsity-Dad Stuff I recommend taking a look at John Buccigross' columns at the 4-letter (hockey). At the end of every colum this season he has included a pic of a young tyke in the gear of his (his parents) favorite team, similar to Gabe in the corner of this blog. Here's a good example

good V-Dad stuff (yeah that's not working for me)