Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Advice for Tiger, Part Nth

Tiger Woods' new fatherhood lends itself to the easy column for traditional media and bloggers alike. Here's the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins, with a rare appearance in the paper with a nice little advice-for-Tiger gimmick column.

Let me ask the Varsity Dad community: How do we get Tiger to notice this site? How do we get him to participate as a Commenter? Tiger: You're invited! Come on in!


Sean McGurr said...

The crass answer to getting him to notice the site is to post picture of Elie in her birthday suit. But since you want him to become part of the community, I suggest you start a poll to give Sam a cool nickname like Eldrick has.

Jibblescribbits said...

Replace the picture of Gabe with a swoosh,

Get someone to tell him Phil's going to try and show him up by posting here, he'll be here in a heartbeat.

But in all seriousness, maybe try getting a "Athlete's baby photos" selection going, where you post photos of babies with with their Athlete dads...maybe Tiger will submit one in a few weeks.

(Even if he doesn't it would be a cool feature, I'm sure there are a ton of Athlete's that are excellent father's as well, but no one ever reports on that. It'd be nice to see).

Jen said...

I like the swoosh idea!