Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day, Sports and Your Kids

In honor of Memorial Day weekend: When my kid is old enough, I plan to teach him about Pat Tillman, perhaps the greatest role model in the history of sports.

I don't say that because he gave his life for his country -- in one of the greatest individual tragedies in sports history -- but because of everything I learned about the way he conducted himself in life: With honor. With humanity. With clarity.

Sadly, I learned these things after he was gone.

But I think the best way to honor his memory is to understand his unique code of humanity, for the purpose of sharing with our kids a rare role model among athletes truly worth emulating.

Here is Tillman's Wikipedia page.

And here is Gary Smith's piece on Tillman for Sports Illustrated.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone who has lost a loved one serving in any of our country's armed forces or in any of our country's military conflicts, particularly this current one.

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Mark said...

I went to ASU at the same time as Pat Tillman and while I never had the chance to meet him, he's the reason I don't use the word "hero" for anything someone does on the field anymore. He truly redefines the word for anyone that knows his story. Godspeed, Pat.