Friday, April 27, 2007

NFL Draft Preview: I Drafted a Bugaboo Frog

Will you (or have you) watched the NFL Draft with your kid? Do they have a favorite part?

The NBA Draft showcases more of this, but I always like it when the draftees in attendance hear their name called and hug their moms, who are inevitably bawling. (Are they proud? Are they happy? Are they thinking about the new car/house/lifestyle?)

When we were getting ready for the arrival of Gabe, my wife and I were shopping for strollers, and I found myself viewing our research and "test-drives" through the lens of the NFL Draft Scouting Combine.

In the end, we picked the Bugaboo Frog.

Upside: Great for walking (which in NYC is huge), looks good, sturdy, less of a "cap hit" than the Bug Chameleon.

Downside: The judgment from other parents. (Although in Brooklyn, particularly over the last year, all you see are Bugs, so that has eased up a bit.)

There were others: Maclaren (great value pick), Peg Perego (too bulky), RockStar Baby (ArenaLeague material, naturally) and others.

Was it ludicrously expensive? Yes. But the thing is a tank. I love it. I was sold from the get-go. My wife needed convincing, but ultimately was won over by my enthusiasm, which was the cover she needed. (She could always claim that I forced her to get it, even though she loves it, too.)

OK, I've gone off on a distant tangent here, but the point is this: The NFL Draft is a wonderful metaphor for all sorts of baby/kid-related purchases where there is more than one option out there.

I would borrow something from the genius bloggers at Kissing Suzy Kolber and do a mock draft of all-time greatest baby characters, but I think it begins and ends with Stewie from "Family Guy." (Also receiving votes: Maggie Simpson. Not receiving votes: Anyone from "Look Who's Talking.")

-- D.S.

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B_Washington said...

Maggie Simpson you mean?

even though i'm not a dad, and a long time reader of the Daily quickie, this is my first jaunt to Varsity dad. Hopefully it's still around when I have a kid :)