Monday, April 02, 2007

NCAA Tournament Title Game Madness

The nuclear family bracket pool is a rout:

10-month-old son: In 49th place out of more than 1,200 entries in my "Daily Quickie Readers" Tournament Challenge office pool. That's the 96th percentile. And he predicted Florida over Ohio State in the title.

(That's on top of Gabe's in utero performance a year ago, when he finished in 30th place overall out of more than 10,000 -- yes, that's ten THOUSAND -- entries.)

34-year-old dad: The quote-unquote "expert" is in the 68th percentile, hundreds and hundreds of spots behind.

So: Who's the real expert in the family? (Trick question. The correct answer is: Mom, who picked Gabe's brackets both last year and this year and is a Florida victory away from winning her girlfriends' pool.)

Anyone else getting absolutely obliterated in their brackets by their young children (and spouses)?

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gatorkeith said...

Dan, A good go for the Gators, I'd say. Sure wish B-the-Kid would stop jerking us around. When is the V-Dad official launch?