Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tom Brady: Varsity Dad Poster Guy?

I had thought that pending new daddy Tiger Woods was going to be Varsity Dad's lead Poster Dad, but he's getting competition from Tom Brady. Serious competition.

You know about Brady getting ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynihan pregnant before they broke up late last year. Now comes news that his current girlfriend Gisele Bundschen is pregnant, too!

Brady: From All-Pro to All-Preg.

So who should be Varsity Dad's Poster Dad: Tiger? Tom (2x)? Carmelo? Gilbert Arenas (any day now!)

1 comment:

tobs said...

gil, dude. especially if he takes my advice and names his kid either "zero" or "agent."

agent arenas? so awesome i might have to keep it for my future son. "agent loser" has a nice ring.