Monday, March 19, 2007

Gilbert Arenas Joins Varsity Dads

Agent Zero has his first boy, who he has already nicknamed "Triple-A":

Alijah Amani Arenas.

"Alijah Arenas" is an awesome name.

Here's Gil's complete report, from his latest blog entry:
"I was talking a little trash to him already. I told him hopefully he darkens up a little bit, because he was a little light in the skin. Then I told him he needs to watch the movie 300, because he needs to be a Spartan type of man. I gave him the name Triple-A: Alijah Amani Arenas. We’re trying to get him sponsored by AAA now and get his diapers paid for."
Man, I knew I missed out with "Gabe." (I have GOT to start working on that sponsorship!)

I know it's your second kid, Agent Zero, but welcome to the Varsity Dad club.

-- D.S.

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