Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Carmelo About to Join Varsity Dads

How excited is Carmelo Anthony about the any-minute-now birth of his baby boy? He dropped 21 points on the Hornets in a Nuggets win.

Hmm: How was I spending the final hours before Gabe's birth? There was this, the Friday before. (OK: The link to my final Quickie column before he was born -- the actual day before -- seems to not be working. This happens from time to time, usually with the few old columns I'm specifically trying to get to.)

I actually wrote one of my favorite Lead Items ever that day. Here it is:

Two Words for You: D'Oh. Canada.

What kind of moronic fans boo any national anthem, let alone the wonderfully benign anthem of our wonderfully benign neighbors to the North?

Apparently, Sharks fans do.

It's not just disrespectful; it makes all sports fans in the U.S. look bad. (Hey, Canadians: The rest of us love you! Please continue to bring us fantastic indie rock music, Don Cherry and cheap prescription meds!)

San Jose fans inspired me with their ridiculous jeering (almost as much as they inspired the visiting Oilers).

Sing along to the tune of "O! Canada!" with these updated lyrics below:

"Boo Canada!"

Boo Canada!
So hated by Sharks fans!
But it's no patriot love... rip another's land!

Fans show no heart...
...But they get a rise
From Oilers vi-si-ting!

But an act so snide,
Shark fans are so dumb:
It's only motivating!

God keep our ice...

Boo Canada?
It backfires miserably...

Boo San Jose!
Your team's now down 2-3!

So: Did YOU spend the final days/hours before your kids' births immersed in anything memorably sports-related?

-- D.S.


YQJ said...

The day my daughter was born (back in May '05) the Astros were 15 games under .500 and they started their tear to the World Series.

Brew City Legend said...

Well Dan, I too had some memorable sports moments shortly before my child was born....

I had just got done with my college baseball practice around 5:00 and me and the Mrs. went out for a walk. During the middle of the walk, it was time to go -- so we went. Our daughter, Perla Jade, wasn't born until 1:19 in the morning the next day, but I was lucky enough to watch my Cleveland Indians on ESPN (though they lost) for the first few hours of the enduring labor pain that my mate was going through.

Was it wrong that I asked her not to cry so loudly when Hafner came up with 2 on and 2 out late in the game? I mean, I wanted to be just as focused in the game as Pronk was, and her belly-aching (pun intended) kept getting in the way of the game and Joe Morgan!

berdingo said...

My memory is sort of like a NASCAR memory - my wife was seriously about to deliver our daughter in the car. It was like a polices chase without all the sirens. I made the normally 15 minute trip in about half of that time. You know, they really ought to have valet service at the hospital. I had to park the car after dropping my wife off and arrived back in the room just in time to see the doctor cut the cord.