Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bedtime Reading: Baseball Prospectus 2007

An email from reader "Lew":

"I saw on DanShanoff.com that you had mentioned getting Baseball Prospectus 2007, well in 2004 I did my summer internship at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in their library. Myself and one of the other interns once talked about how cool it would be when we have kids that instead of reading them bed time stories we could read them baseball statistics from Total Baseball. Just curious, what is the varsity dad's take on putting lil ones to sleep with stats."

Great question! I regularly read Gabe from the sports section on the weekends. His patience for it is measured in seconds, not minutes. But the idea to use baseball stats analysis as bedtime reading is an awesome one. I presume it's like other bedtime reading: It's all in the tone, not the content. Of course, you're on hook when your kid asks, "Daddy/Mommy, what's Win Shares?"

Keep the questions coming! I want them to become a regular feature on the site.

-- D.S.


nooch said...

Dan, I think you've found a way to reinvent yourself here...very cool.

As a dad of 4 kids who are involved in sports both playing and watching, its tough/fun to observe the polarization of parents...on one side are the parents who think their child is the second coming of sports jesus, and on the other side are the parents who dont give a flip and throw a video game at their kid to leave them alone. Somewhere inbetween is a happy balance.

Here is a question to pose to the group...I am a boston born red sox fan (living in nj now) and 3 of my children have adopted my affliction, however, the 4th has inexplicably chosen the yankees as their rooting interest despite my efforts...how long before Dyfuss catches me?

Brew City Legend said...

Dan, I think the reader who suggests baseball stats is onto something! Instead of reading my daughter books on fairies, unicorns, and puppies, I read her baseball stories and other of the greatest sports stories in history. I have three books with over 200 different sports stories -- not to mention my recently updated (throught the class of 2005) Baseball Hall of Fame book with a page on each player in the HOF.

She stays calm and sits with me well for the 4 or 5 minutes it takes me to read - and best of all, when I'm channel surfing late at night and come across a CBB game or and NBA game, baseball, or old boxing match -- she just sits on the ground and watches. Best of all, I think she knows when something good has happened because she will turn to me and scream "Yeah!" -- even if I have the volume down.

That's pretty good for a 10 1/2 month old, eh?

Struggling said...

What sporting events do you think every son should see with his dad? How about dads and daughters?