Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's Your Favorite Baseball Card Ever?

$2.35 million for a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card. It begs the question: Is there a particular sports trading card (baseball or otherwise) that is particularly special to you? Do you own a copy? Did you get into trading cards as a kid? Is that something you'd encourage your own future sports fan to get into?


Shaggy said...

My favorite baseball card is Philadelphia Phillie OF Garry Maddox. As a kid I remember going to a game legging out diving and catching a "dying-quail". It so amazed me, I instantly became of fan of his. The very week I opened a pack of baseball cards and there he was sitting underneath the piece of gum. I was estactic. I still have it. It is just such a great "sports" memory.

gatorkeith said...

It's a tie for me: my entire Phil Neikro collection (counts as one card in my book) or the John Smoltz card from the early '90s that is actually a photo of Tom Glavine.

Sports cards are, in my estimation, a great way of raising a fan. It has been a big sports connection point with my oldest son who is now 17.

Steve S said...

I forget the year of the card (86 or 87?), but it's a Wade Boggs, Topps. I was around 10, and feeling a little left out on Easter. I had claimed to have outgrown the kiddie activities, but changed my mind upon seeing my two little brothers go to town on candy and eggs. My younger brother, about 5, upon seeing this, broke into his stash of baseball cards and hid them, so I could participate. The Wade Boggs was one of his "better" cards (since I'd probably fleeced him out of any good ones he actually had). Such a selfless gesture by my little brother gives that card (all of them, actually) special meaning. They're still in a protective sleeve with my other "valuable" cards.