Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to Readers!

If you're seeing this post, you probably found the hint of a sneak-preview of this new blog project buried in a post over at (Nicely done in finding it!)

There's not much here yet, but I'm writing new posts everyday, so I figured that readers, of anyone, should get the chance to see the posts fresh(-ish), rather than as part of a backlog of archived posts when I launch it next week officially.

No matter: Welcome! This blog is inspired by last year's arrival of my first kid and is dedicated to tracking the ups, downs, friction and folly of raising a sports fan. (Nine months old? Yeah, I'm starting early on him. But really, until he has develops some sort of "fan cognition" -- which probably won't be too long, given last weekend's development -- it'll be about figuring out what "raising a fan" even means.)

This blog is a work-in-progress -- and it will be for at least a little while. Feel free to email me any feedback at the email address to the right. I'll have an "official" "launch" next week, time/date still TBD. But this should be fun, and any of you who find it interesting or intriguing couldn't be more welcome.
-- D.S.


Big D said...

Nevermind. I found it. :)

Pokhra said...

Nice touch. I gave some thought and time to writing a diary with some sort of entry when my daughter was born in 2000. Now I'm not a writer by profession, nor was there these cool DIY blogsites, but I soon decided that my time was better spent being WITH her, than writing about her.

Good luck here and at home.


rafael said...

I still think Gabe should be a Northwestern fan.

gatorkeith said...

First. Post. Ever. Good luck with VarsityDad. I have lost control over my older kids (Red Sox and Patriots), but my youngest will learn of the Braves, Jaguars, and Gators. said...

Dan, I have you beat with twin 10 month old boys that I am raising as Jayhawk and Chiefs fans. They had about 8 outfits before they were even born and I have to show you this pic... took them to the holy land at my first opportunity :)

Geo B said...

Good luck Dan. I've been successful in raising my 12 year old son as a Steelers fan in Texans country. It hasn't hurt that:

1) I'm very passionate about the Steelers (and the Pens)
2) The Steelers and Super Bowl XL
3) The Texans SUCK

SB XL brought about Big Ben jersey's for everyone in the house. My son wears a Steelers lanyard with his school badge - very worthy of him.

MikeB said...

Thanks for the hint. I found your hidden treasure, and have this in my Blogroll now. And if you talk nice about the Eagles, it will stay there.

jhawkjjm said...

Interesting concept. I don't have a son that I have to worry about this stuff for. I got a daughter!

Here's a funny little story for you though Dan. I'm a KU grad and one of my wife's friends is a K-State grad. Her daughter is about 2 months older than mine and they go to the same day care and everything. So when the KU-Kstate football game happened this fall, we dressed up the girls in a cheerleading outfit from their respective schools. (and of course the mom's were taking about 300 photos while I was trying to watch the game.) Needless to say that when KU romped KState I couldn't help but make a few comments.

The task at hand is figuring out how is do I raise her to "hate" of KState and Mizzou in the school pride way without teaching her to view those schools as inferior, which they clearly are.

jhawkjjm said...

only - wow... get them started off on the right foot right away! They've already had their first trip to the Phog!

Jingoist said...


Nice idea. My 3 have no choice but to be Pats and Red Sox fans (and unfortunately, Bruins and Celtics fans too). And I'm starting to think this offspring fandom theory is more genetic than environmental.

rob (warwick)

rafael said...

lol Jingo

How old are your three?

if young..wait til one shows up with a Yankees cap to spite you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Dan. We'll be featuring it on Strollerderby later today.

And thanks for linking to me, even though I'm a girlie-man who couldn't tell you the first damn thing about sports. Much appreciated. :)

dennis said...

I like the idea. My poor son (soon to be 4)is stuck with Army football as the one thing he really will not be able to fight. I am going on 20 yrs as a season ticket holder and brought him to his first game this year. Hard to beat the first time tossing the pigskin (or nerf in this case) while tailgating at West Point. After that it's Yankees, Giants and Nascar (and Sussex Skyhawks baseball - due to proximity and free tix from wife's job). Even in Daycare when one of his teachers says "Go Mets" he always responds "Pee-yew." Still working on the Giants/Jets thing. Babysitter is a huge Jets fan by my boy goes "J-E-T-S Go Giants". Finally, the Nascar deal is all my doing and he can't get enough of DW going Boogity, Boogity, Boogity at the begining of all the FOX Nascar telecasts. Even the first time (of what seems like 5000) watching the movie Cars, he said Boogity, Boogity, Boogity when the race started. Even my wife got a chuckle out of that.