Monday, February 12, 2007

Andy Reid: Kids Before Football

Eagles coach Andy Reid has always struck me as a bit of a hard character. I can't imagine that he's easy to play for -- I can't imagine he's easy to grow up with as a father.

I'm not suggesting his personal style had some influence on his two sons' recent troubles with the law -- they obviously have serious issues.

But I will be quick to commend him for taking a leave of absence from the team -- at a peak time for evaluating NFL Draft talent -- to help his sons with their obvious problems.

Despite how it might feel during football season -- particularly if you are managing a fantasy team -- the NFL isn't the end of the world. The Reid's family problems, however, must feel like it.

-- D.S.

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Tim S. said...

I loathe Philly as a team, but respect Reid as a coach. Growing up in today's world is hard enough, let alone having a 'famous' parent.

Remember Tony Dungy's son's suicide last year? What kind of expectations were there? I'm not saying Reid or Dungy set them....but there is pressure by association.

Hopefully he can get his family back on track. I look forward to seeing him on the sidelines so the G-man can administer the spanking Philly deserves. ;)