Sunday, January 21, 2007

Advertise with Varsity Dad

Advertising on Varsity Dad can help you reach an active, engaged group of readers -- mostly parents -- who love sports and love their kids. Not necessarily in that order. (Check that: *Hopefully* not in that order.) And if they're anything like me, they shock themselves at the inordinate amount of money the spend on those kids -- but still don't hesitate to do it.

Contact me at varsitydad-at-gmail-dot-com to talk about ways to communicate your message and to become part of the community. I am actively creating partnerships with companies for title sponsorship, banner and text ads, sponsored posts, reader contests, product reviews and more.

(OK, why is this technically the first post? I didn't want to sit this post on top of the "Welcome" post, but I wanted it to be an active post for the blog's launch.)

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