Monday, January 29, 2007

Dad-to-Be Tiger Off to Good Start

Tiger Woods and I are regularly in the same place in life. Well, not really: He's winning his 7th PGA Tour event in a row, and I'm launching a new parenting blog.

But he and Elin got married the same weekend as me and my wife in 2004. And his 2007 will be defined much like mine was in 2006: Getting axed from a sweet gig as a popular sports columnist Becoming a dad.

Some critics wondered if Elin's pregnancy would erode his focus. Those of us who are new parents know otherwise: I wish I put Gabe's college fund down on Tiger's win last weekend -- and dominance all season. The man is obviously inspired by pending parenthood.

Tiger's dad-ness -- I've already reserved him a spot on the Varsity Dad Wall of Fame -- is going to be one of this blog's big obsessions of 2007. By the time Tiger Junior shows up (and let's hope that's not the name), hopefully Woods will be a regular Commenter on this blog.

Here's an early tip for Papa Tiger: Outfitting the kid in Stanford gear is cool enough. But how about making sure he finds at least one rooting interest on the Tour besides his dad? Let the Oedipal issues start early!

-- D.S.

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